Children's contests at the festival "Hello Space, Bulgaria Calling!"

Thank you to all the young explorers who participated in our festival competitions! It was very exciting to see your creativity and diligence.

Our first competition was "Our Wonderful Universe", in which the children had the opportunity to show their talent for drawing. They created amazing drawings reflecting the beauty and mystery of the cosmos.

The second competition, Children's Questions to NASA and CERN, allowed us to enjoy the curiosity and ingenuity of the children. They presented questions related to space exploration and scientific discovery, showing their eagerness to learn even more about the mysteries of the Universe.

On this page, you can find the children's results from the competitions and information about the awards. Congratulations to all participants for their impressive achievements!

All the participants who qualified for the competitions but were not able to receive their prizes on the spot during the festival will not be left without them. We will send your prizes to the address you have provided.If you have not yet provided a shipping address, we would ask you to contact Simona Dimitrova at We ask for the following information: two names, phone number, email address and shipping address. Thank you for your patience!

"Our Wonderful Universe" drawing competition

The "Our Wonderful Universe" Drawing Contest opened on 05.04.2023 and closed on 10.06.2023. 220 students from all over Bulgaria, between 1 - 12 grade, took part in the competition, which aims to encourage creativity and independent work of children, as well as to expand their knowledge about the Universe, modern space research and achievements and related professions.

The awarding of the winners will take place on 29.06.2023 in Sofia Tech Park during the closing ceremony of the festival (from 16:20 to 17:30) on the Luna Stage, John Atanasov Innovation Forum.


Category students 1-4 grade

1. First place

Genadi Parashkevov, 3rd grade, "Game in Space"
Neofit Rilski Municipal School, village of Dermantsi, Lukovit Municipality

2. Second place

Nikol Ivanova, 4th grade, "The Space"
"Vasil Levski" Secondary School, town of Elin Pelin

3. Third place

Kamelia Kulina, 3rd grade
Centre for work with children - city of Pleven

Special awards

1. U.S.A. Embassy in Bulgaria

Damyan Azov, 4th grade, "The Little Prince"Dimitar Blagoev Primary School, Veliko Tarnovo

2. Atlantic Club of Bulgaria

Katerina Bozhilova
, 4th grade, "My Universe"22nd Secondary School "G.S.Rakovski", town of Veliko Tarnovo

Award of Merit

1. Miroslav Nikolov, 4th grade, "Flight to the Infinity"
School "Vicho Grancharov", Gorna Oryahovitsa

2. Ani Martinova, 4th grade, "Solar System"
Primary School "Kl.Ohridski", s. Duskotna, Burgas Region

3. "Vasil Levski" Primary School, village of. Vidrare, Pravets municipality, grades 1-4

Boriana Georgieva
Velislav Nikolaev
Vladimir Pepov
Janet Lazarova
Ivan Davidov
Paola Tsekova

Petar Lazarov
Teresa Lazarova
Hristina Asenova
Tsvetomira Asenova

Category students 5-7 grade

1. First place

Nikola Katsarsky, 6th grade, "With love from cosmic greenhouse SVET"
"Panayot Pipkov" National School of Education, Sofia Pleven

2. Second place

Laura Dzhambazova, 5th grade, "Earth and Moon"
School "P.R.Slaveykov", gr. Tryavna

3. Third place

Stanimira Zheleva, 6th grade, "Universe" "Ivan Vazov" Secondary School, town of. Nova Zagora

Special awards

1. Embassy of America in Bulgaria

Alex Veselinov, 5th grade, "To the Stars!"
School "Dr. Petar Beron", town of. Dr. D. Beron, Dr. D. Beron, Kostinbrod

2. Atlantic Club of Bulgaria

Ivayla Bachiiski, 6th grade,
"Hristo Smirnenski" Primary School, r. Orehovitsa, Dolna Mitropolia municipality

Award of Merit

1. Momchil Belinov, 7a grade, "Outside the Rocket"
"Ivan Vazov" School, Pleven

2. Jean David Binet, 6th grade, "Birth of Supernova"
Primary School "Petar Bonev", Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Perushchitsa

Collective Award:
"Ivan Vazov" Secondary School, town of Prušice. Stara Zagora

Category students 8-12 grade

1. First place

Ivanka Milenkova, 10th grade, "Journey through Space"
School "Hadji Mina Pashov", Sliven

2. Second place

Aya Doneva, 10a, "Infinity"
School "St. Constantine-Kiril Philosopher", Sofia Ruse

3. Third place

Asya Assenova, 10th grade, "Kindergarten of Mars"
"Tsvetan Radoslavov" Secondary School, gr. Svishtov folder

Special awards

1. U.S.A Embassy in Bulgaria

Daniela Danailova, 9th grade, "The Endless Dreams of Children"
Secondary School “Vasil Levski”, Sevlievo

2. Atlantic Club of Bulgaria

Eli Gergova, 9a grade, "Immense Universe"Vocational High SChool of Agricultural Mechanization "Peyo K. Yavorov", city Gotse Delchev

Incentive award

1. Mihail Kostov, 8th grade, "Music of the spheres"CPLR-ODC gr. Velingrad

2. Kristina Georgieva, 11a grade, "Beyond Eternity""Nancho Popovich", PMSG , gr. Shumen

Collective award:
PTG "Dr. Nikola Vasiliadi", gr. Gabrovo

NASA and CERN Children's Question Contest

The NASA and CERN Questions Contest opened on 11.04.2023 and closed on 01.06.2023.  Nearly a hundred aspiring young science enthusiasts submitted their queries. Of these, 10 questions were ranked for each category: (1) CERN questions and (2) NASA questions.

From these 20 questions, a raffle will be held during the 4 grand prizes provided by Samsung Bulgaria and Robotics Academy. All other ranked children will receive incentiveprizes.

The awarding of the winners will take place on 29.06.2023 in Sofia Tech Park during the closing ceremony of the festival (from 16:40 to 18:00) on the Luna Stage, John Atanasov Innovation Forum.

Results of ranking for questions to NASA

1. First question. Aleks Arseniev
2. Second question. Alexander Georgiev
3. Third question. Ema Atanasova
4. Fourth question. Gabriela Lazarova
5. Fifth question. Radoslav Hristov
6. Sixth question. Havier Bilbao
7. Seventh question. Mihail Gadjev
8. Eighth question. Viktoria Dimitrova
9. Ninth question. Borislav Simeonov
10. Tenth question. Monika Todorova

Additional qualifiers:
11. Eleventh question. Samuil
12. Twelfth question. Diliara

The winners were selected after voting by a jury composed of:

Simona Dimitrova, Atlantic Club of Bulgaria;
   2. Mariana Staneva, Art Educator, Regional History Museum (RHM)-Pleven
   3. Ivo Jokin, Director, Municipal Centre for After-School Activities and Interest Activities, village Baikal and head of the School of Painting "Rainbow"

Results of ranking for CERN questions

1. First question. Viktoria Dimitrova
2. Second question. Alexander Kirilov
3. Third question. Diliara
4. Fourth question. Dimitar Stoianov
5. Fifth question. Elitsa Dimitrova
6. Sixth question. Ema Atanasova
7. Seventh question. Ioan Dinchevski
8. Eighth question. Ioana Donchevska
9. Ninth question. Dimitar Zaharinov
10. Tenth question. Lilia Borisova

Additional qualifiers:
11. Eleventh question. Martin Ventsislavov
12. Twelfth question. Nikola Alexandrov
13. Thirteenth question. Teodor Georgiev
14. Fourteenth question. Teodor Marlov

The winners were selected after voting by a jury composed of:
Simona Dimitrova, Atlantic Club of Bulgaria
   2. Emanuel Yankulov, Robotics Academy
   3. Eng. Zornitsa Zaharieva, European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN);
   4. Prof. Dr. Milena Georgieva, Specialist Biologist, Institute of MolecularLaboratory of Molecular Genetics;
   5. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vladimir Bozhilov

For questions related to the awarding of the winners:
Phone: 0887254221