Useful information

There will be a total of 3 stages at the event and additional activities for children in the form of workshops, demonstrations and stalls.Тhe festival will be translated into English and will have a sign language interpretation.


This stage will feature inspiring talks and presentations from experts in various scientific fields, covering topics such as the science of immortality, the search for an Earth "doppelganger", space cemeteries and missions to Mars. On this stage, the talk with Dr. Swati Mohan will take place, as well as the closing ceremony and the awarding of the winners of the children's competitions.


| Workshops

Festival workshops are open to participants between the ages of 5 and 18. They will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a variety of topics, such as space exploration, astronomy, biology, physics and technology, having fun with innovative and educational activities.  These workshops offer exciting experiences that support understanding of the world around us and stimulate curiosity and initiative.

| Demonstrations

Festival demonstrations offer an introduction to scientific principles and technology in action, from historical experiments and modern space exploration, to adrenaline-pumping demonstrations by the Bulgarian Army Special Forces and more. Attendees will be able to observe science, engineering, and extraordinary physical training presented in an easy-to-understand and exciting way, inspiring curiosity and awe.

| Booths

The Festival's booths are a showcase for the diverse ecosystem of science, technology and education in Bulgaria, and around the world. Visitors will have the opportunity to meet with representatives from leading companies, educational institutions and scientific organizations who will be showcasing their latest advancements and initiatives. From space technology to bookstores, university faculties to children's robotics academies, the stands create a unique environment for learning and inspiration that stimulates curiosity and creativity.For information on individual workshops and demonstrations, please refer to the activities registration site:

For more information about the event, please review the homepage and program.

Food and Drinks

During the festival, one free lunch will be provided for each visitor, with priority given to children:

| Food
   Children's menus from McDonald's
   Pizza from Pizzalab

| Drinks
   Pirin Spring water
   Mihalkovo water
   Pepsi soft drinks

How do we get the food?
Upon arrival at the John Atanasoff Innovation Forum lobby, each participant/responsible party with children must go to registration where they will receive a wristband(s) for which they are given a free serving from one of the available options. Each participant is only entitled to 1 serving.

Directions, address and event map

| Address

Sofia Tech Park, Sofia Blvd. "1784 m. 100V, Sofia
Sofia, Sofia-city 1784 Bulgaria
Innovation Forum "John Atanasoff"

| Directions to Sofia Tech Park (0576) (Musagenitsa) by public transport

The following lines have routes that pass close to Sofia Tech Park / Sofia Tech Park
  ● Stop 0579 "Sofia Tech Park" (in the local lane of Tsarigradsko Shose Blvd → Mladost): bus lines 184, 84, N1 and trolleybuses lines 3 and 5.
   Stop 0576 "Sofia Tech Park" (in the local lane of Tsarigradsko Shose Blvd → centre): bus lines 184, 84, N1 and trolleybus lines 3 and 5.
   Stop 2795 "Sofia Tech Park" (in the local lane of Tsarigradsko Shose Blvd → Aviation Square). Bus lines 1, 3, 5, 6.
   Stop 1196 "University Hospital St. Bus lines 1, 3, 5, 6, 76, 204, 213, 305, 604.● Stop 1194 "St. Anna's University Hospital". Bus lines 1, 3, 5, 6, 76, 204, 213, 305, 604.
   Stop 1260 "Aviation Square" (→ Druzhba district 1).Bus lines 1,3,5, 6, 123 and trolleybus lines 4 and 11
   Stop 2616 "Arena Armeec Sports Hall" (→centre): Bus lines 1,3,5, 6, 123 and trolleybus lines 4 and 11
   Stop 1258 "Aviation Square": Bus lines 73, 280, 305 and trolleybus lines 84, 184, 3, 5

| For Sofia Tech Park stop:


| Directions by car

Sofia Tech Park, Sofia Blvd. "1784 m. 100V, Sofia
Sofia, Sofia-city 1784 Bulgaria
Innovation Forum "John Atanasoff"

| Directions to Sofia Tech Park (0576) (Musagenitsa) by public transport

The central car entrance of the Science and Technology Park is from the Aviation Square ("4th kilometer"), Blvd. "Asen Yordanov". The park is also accessible through 4 other entrances from the direction of the street. "James Pardew and Gen. Yordan Venedikov".

On the territory of the park there is a car park with a capacity of 500 spaces. Parking is paid - BGN 1 per hour with 30 minutes free.

Pedestrian access is available from the Aviation Square, as well as via a pedestrian bridge over Blvd. "Tsarigradsko shose”.

Sofia Tech Park is also part of the Spark Bulgaria electric car parking areas - electric car sharing.

For further questions, visit the FAQ section or call (0892702071)

| Event map

Frequently asked questions

| What is the purpose of the event?
To encourage young people's interest in the Space and STEAM sciences, and to help develop their thinking and imagination.

| Where and when will the event take place?
On 29.06.2023, in Sofia, Sofia Tech Park, Innovation Forum "John Atanasov".

| How can I buy tickets or register for the event?
Access to the festival is completely free for all visitors. However, pre-registration is required. To register your attendance, visit, Click the Register now button (upper right corner).

To reserve your seat in the two halls where the lecture program will take place, select Conversations with Scientists | Mars Stage & Moon Stage. To register a participant for the workshops or demonstrations for children, select one of the other available options.

Please note: Registration for the Mars Scene and Moon Scene does not automatically provide access to the additional activities.

| What are the event times and schedule?
Festival doors open at 8:30am and the closing ceremony is scheduled to end at 5:50pm.

| Will there be English translation and sign language interpretation?
Yes, all main stage inclusions will be translated live.

| Is there an age restriction to participate in the event?
No, the event is intended for the youth, but the activities will pique the interest of everyone involved.

| Can I bring my own food and drinks?
Yes. Additionally, we will provide a complimentary lunch to each attendee, and children have priority if supplies last.

| Will parking be available?
Yes. Sofia Tech Park car park offers paid parking, which is 1 lev per hour. The car park has a capacity of 500 cars.

| Is the event accessible for people with disabilities?
Yes. If you need assistance, please call +359 887254221

| What security measures are in place?
Police, ambulance, fire and security will be on site.

| Will there be medical or first aid on site?

| Can I volunteer or participate as a vendor at the event?
If you would like to volunteer, please call. 098836052 or email: Unfortunately, we have already reached our capacity of booths and kiosks, but please contact for a possible collaboration next year.

| Are there any restrictions on photography or videography during the event?
No, but when sharing on social media, we ask that you tag the event with #hellospacefestival

| Are there designated smoking areas?
Smoking is prohibited indoors, but you can smoke on the terrace and outdoors. Please dispose of cigarette butts in bins and be aware of children being around.

| Can I bring my pets?
No. Pets are not allowed on the Sofia Tech Park grounds due to the presence of high-tech equipment.

| What happens in case of bad weather?
The event is planned for both sunny and rainy weather. Outside activities will be under tents during the festival.

| How do I get to the venue? Are there public transportation options?
Yes, please refer to the "Useful Information" section of the event website.

| Is there a designated drop off and pick up area?
No, but there will be an area for lost and found items - an INFO point on the terrace outside the entrance to the John Atanasoff Innovation Forum

| Will there be ATM machines available at the event?

| Will there be toilets at the venue? Will there be wheelchair access to them?
Yes, the on-site restrooms will be handicap accessible.

| Can I leave the event and re-enter later in the day?

| Is there a seating order or do I use the arrival and service order?
There is no separate seating order. You can seat yourself wherever is available.

| Are there designated areas where people can rest or take a break?
Yes. Sofia Tech Park is a good place to relax.

| Are there alternative transportation options like bike racks?Yes.Is there space for lost and found items at the venue?
Yes, there will be a designated area at the event where lost and found items will be stored - INFO POINT.  

| Are there official event hashtags or social media accounts to follow?
Yes, this is our official hashtag #hellospacefestival

| Can kids bring their own toys or equipment to the event?

| What are the procedures if a child gets separated from their caregiver and gets lost?
There will be a designated area for lost children - INFO POINT

| Are there prizes for festival participants?
There will be prizes for the winners of the competitions set prior to the event.

| Can children attend without a guardian?

| Is there a limit to the number of activities a participant or family can participate in?
No, but we ask that you do not sign up for two or more activities that are at the same time.

| Will there be items or educational materials available for purchase before or during the festival?We are planning a discounted book sale - Vivent Bookstore.

| What happens if we are late and miss an activity we have booked?
It's not possible to keep track of all the kids, but if they're a little late it shouldn't be a problem. If they will not be going to a given activity, they should notify the registration desk to make room for another child.

| How do we know if our child has won one of the competitions?
The website will announce the ranked children.

| How can I provide feedback about the festival?
We would love to receive your feedback at

| Who can I contact if I have a specific question that is not answered here?
Please contact Project Manager Angela Antonova at or by phone. 0883303043 .